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1. Breakdown

Night devours evening
Senses start to leave me.
Whispers haunt my slumber
Fingers pull me under.

Maiden sings a strange tune
Bashful as the new moon
She can see my dark past
Shadows that my sins cast

Queen of night, don’t set me free
Madness is a luxury
Go and ahead and make a fool of me.
Wash away the fears I've known
Take away this flesh and bone
Doom me to forever sleep alone…alone

Reach out for the doorknob,
Feel it like a heart throb,
Burning like a red coal,
Tear drop from the keyhole.

Memory of a breakdown
Growling like wolfhound.
Toss him little scraps of pride
He eats his fill and steps aside.

2. Stigma

The tell-tale mark of my disgrace
The burning brand upon my face
My better half has been erased.
I want to end the screaming rain
Sweep the puddles from my brain
And let the warmth run in my veins.

I used to dream I’d find a friend
Someone to sweeten bitter ends
And help my broken pieces mend.
Peel back these city streets unkind,
Reveal the hiding place behind,
A heaven of my own design.

The clock face melts with every tear,
The desperate hour, drawing near,
But the hands, they haven’t moved in years.
My calloused heart begins to pound,
I feel redemption sinking down
In waves of poisoned blood it drowns.

Put all the grey back in the sky
Strip all the color from my eyes
Imagination’s ink ran dry.
My shadow turns to walk away,
My poor reflection bows to pray.
It’s too late, they’ve been betrayed.

3. One Song

Not much choice, that much is clear
Can’t even hope for many more years
The last deadline, it came and went
Countdown begins, “T minus 10”
My weary blood, pounds in my veins
Whispers to me, a chance remains
Give me faith, Oh Lord
To carry on, this fight

One song, written just for me
Fable, theory incomplete
One doubt, kept aside, concealed
This faith is all I’ve left to wield

Dawn shows her face, and I’m reassured
Fate shall grant me one day more
Up on my roof, on my window the sun
Dripping light and salutations
Drunk on a cocktail, tincture of life
One part patience two parts strife
Day turns to night and I realize
No one is reading about my demise.

4. Tip of my fingers

Where are you my love?
Been searching for you high and low, high and low
Are you the face in the moon?
And I don’t know how
To talk to you, talk to you

But I can sing a song
About you so you can
Find me

Time and time again
I’ll try to catch your smile
On the tip of my fingers

I want to run away, run away from you
I’ve realized the time has come for us to finally part
I want to run away
I tried my best in vain and disappointment fills my heart

I’m the only caveman
Who stepped into you,
Into your world
The darkness in my mind is a friend of mine
It led me to you
Into your world

That’s the only way
I want to see myself
Everyday, every night

Time and time again
I’ll try to catch your smile

On the tip of my fingers.

5. Amber Glow

Where oh where, whence from,
Darling, did you come?
Turned me inside out,
senses scattered about.
How I longed to press
blushing cheek to my breast
Whirlwind embrace 
sweeps us off into space. 
All the scenes on this stage
All the roles that we played.
“You wait here, we’ll return…
Unless those bridges have burned.”
Amber glow of the dawn,
Take a single ray.
From the dark thunderclouds
Pick a whole bouquet. 

Finally, I peer into the skies
Is that you the looking glass belies?
Turn my head… around… you’re nowhere to be found
From my sleep…I wake…the truth I can’t mistake. 

Bedside clock breaks the lull
Pounds away at my skull
Once again bears the news
Of the hours I lose.
Cursed consciousness
Is a friend untrue
I surrender to dreams,
Where I’ll never lose you.

6. Cold Wagon 1993

Iron serpent slithers on
Carving its way
Through winter’s white
I am all alone in this boxcar
Shaking from the cold,
Shaking from fright

All I wish all that I desire
Sun-brewed wine, dish of Roman fire

There is a mutiny down below
Legs that won’t bend
Lungs that won’t shout
Thoughts go dripping from my mind
They freeze in the air
And shatter about.

7. Nothing at all

You, you’re not as simple as we are, forget it
We, we could squash you like a bug
Won't hesitate
Eliminate your tendencies
To cross your personal bounderies
Hey step back
Shut your mouth if you want to help
Don't let this opportunity pass you by

There is nothing at all
There is nothing you can do for us

Sin was broadly written on your head,
Across your forehead
So we had no choice but to hang you there, at the square
Recognize what you've become
Did you think that you were some hero?
You're realized your time has come
You don't even try to run
Got what you deserved

There is nothing at all

There is nothing you can do for us.

8. About God

You are the only one
Who can give yourself to all
Sharing an unequal love

The blind have no faith
In color without you 
Like blind faith,
Color has no meaning without you

You are the beginning
You are the end

You are pure like a diamond
You are the laugh of the sun
You are absent at night

Yet you don’t forget us
With the look of the moon
And the shape of the stars
You beckon us.